Clothing Suitable for Sailor Boys and other Middle and Lower Class Men

I have selected these as representative of the 16th century for lower and middle class attire. Those men of your aquaintance who are reluctant to wear "pumpkin pants" and "tights" might find something here that they like.
Ok, some of these guys are upper class or royalty, but if you leave off the fancy trimmings and make the clothing out of suitably serviceable materials, they will work well for middle class.

These three are from the Trachtenbuch 1529, Christopher Weidtz(sp?) A German Guy who went on a scenic world tour and pictured people in their colorful native dress. One picture is of the Author/Painter in sailor clothing, one is of the Ship's Captain and one is of the Ship's Owner. These are Spanish attire.

This dashing guy is probably a London Merchant from about 1532-40. Those are heavy leather boots or perhaps gaiters he is wearing.

Good and Faithfyl Christians being Martyred in 1563. Nice middle to lower class men's attire. Remember Sailors tended to wear whatever they had and would follow current fashions to some extent.

Two gardeners, one upper and one lower class and Martin Frobisher portrayed in his sailing and discovering clothes. 1577

These are various sailors and officers from 1581.
From Milia Davenport's Book of Costume.

I know that officially the SCA ends in 1600, but there are a number of Cavaliers around anyway.

West meets East
Eastern fashions are starting to be seen in the West.
They will become VERY popular n the 1700's.
Nicolas de Respaingne c.1620 and Stanislaw Teczynski 1630

A couple nice Cavaliers.
Leopold from 1625-30 and the 1st Earl of Holland from 1632-3

Lord Denbigh wearing Pygamas in 1633 and a French Guy from 1633

Probably the longest version of the Buff Coat.
Way out of period at 1660, but buff coats were worn during the Civil War. What IS wrong with this picture is the frilly lace jabot under his chin. A flat collar or a ruff is period.

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